Discovering Immersive Media – together!

Atmasphere is where Creativity meets Technology!

Specializing in bringing ideas to life with digital interactive technology, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Realities, we collaborate with award winning professionals to make your spaces come alive!


In this evolving world of cognitive computing technologies, we at Atmasphere feel the empowerment immersive media brings to the table. But we also continue to identify ourselves as an interdisciplinary team of media artists, musicians, architects, cultural scholars and technical specialists from various fields. Together, we drive and deliver new engagement and experience solutions across all connected devices in this connected world!

Whether it is site-specific immersive media installations for public spaces, including architectural projections, augmented sculptures, media façade concepts and virtual theater, or providing cutting-edge, end-to-end VR and AR solutions, we love using emerging technologies to transform static physical spaces into dynamic environments.

We are in sync with emerging technologies and the potential it holds for cross-genre artistic expression. As artists, researchers and inventors at the same time, we investigate the phenomena that occur when the material world is superimposed with the digital, and inversely, when the digital overlaps with reality.

We are motivated to design, create, craft, and integrate micro to human-scale (or even larger), site-specific digital interactive experiences, and tell stories that leave a lasting impression on visitors.