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Passionate. Disruptive. Cutting Edge. We are all these and more! We simply love what we do – amalgamating cutting edge technology with an abundance of creativity to create new art forms and deliver a truly unforgettable brand experience. Try us!

Exhibits Design & Integration

Creating turnkey smart spaces to tell dynamic stories and create long lasting memories.

As a techno-artist collective, we love emerging technologies and use it to good measure to transform static physical spaces into dynamic, interactive, content-driven environments. Small scale to human scale, or large venue to extra-large exhibits, we enjoy pushing technical and creative boundaries to tell stories in the most immersive way possible. Our methodology of merging interpretations, cutting-edge technologies, and original ideas means we are able to create spaces that connect with the audience in an engaging and inspiring way with tools they are comfortable using. Adding flexibility and risk management are keys to individual exhibits needs as no two projects are the same. So that drives us to work very closely with our clients to achieve all project guarantees and goals.

FullDome 360

Immersive 360 evolution in the largest canvas possible.

A 360 experience can be carried in our pockets, or by using VR headsets to minimize distractions. Imagine making 360 a shared experience – by putting it in a hemispherical dome! Fulldome is the ultimate immersive experience wherein audiences are completely engaged in narratives, participating actively by being placed in the heart of the action and story. At atmasphere, we have the technical knowhow to design and fabricate dome structures, and integrate complete multi-projection systems with auto calibration, edge blending, and color correction at high resolutions. Our cutting-edge studio develops fulldome content with talented artists from around the globe to produce awe inspiring alternative perspectives. As a new, extraordinary medium that is very scalable, we fully agree with Steven Spielberg who said, “Some day in the not too distant future you’ll be able to go to a movie will be all around you. The movie will be over your head, it will be 360 degrees around you, even be a little bit under you…”

Virtual Reality

Helping bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Recent breakthroughs and advances in technology have completely changed the way we deal and interact with each other, and the world around us. By extending these technologies to enterprises, beyond the realm of the consumer, we wish to push the boundaries of imagination merging the physical and digital world to build fun experiences. Add to that content developed in-house by award winning film and development professionals whose sole intention is to blur the lines between film making, immersive technologies, and 360 art where audiences engage physically and emotionally with stories in exciting new ways. Atmasphere’s vision is to facilitate convergence in this new realm and create VR experiences that will engage the audience by crafting mixed realities in the days to come.

Augmented Reality

Turn any device into a powerful content augmentation platform, using basic and affordable hardware!

At Atmasphere, we understand that Augmented Reality is how people will collaborate in the future. Augmented reality is a view of the real, physical world in which elements are enhanced by computer-generated input. These inputs may range from sound to video, to graphics to GPS overlays and more.
We achieve this through a variety of technological innovations which can be implemented on their own or in conjunction with each other to create augmented reality. So be it general hardware components in your smart phone or GPS, a variety of displays, sensors and input devices, or the software to take advantage of hardware facilities, our intention is to provides augmented reality opportunities to enhance user experiences beyond measure.

2D | 3D Animation

As we dream up fully immersive virtual worlds or enhance the real world with use of augmented content for a customized experience, the need for 2D and 3D animation takes on a vital role. Our in house animation studio is a central hub to create visual worlds that demystify the complexities of science and technology. The content side of VR and AR has opened up new opportunities for film makers and animation studios where unlike linear mediums with locked off shots or camera angles, we put ourselves inside the experience. For our clients, deep, simultaneous, interactive collaboration with our animation studio will bring new insights and creativity into process. Our studio productions are made by accomplished live-action directors, with experience in art, design, character animation, motion graphics, visual effects, and photography. We are thus able to extend these talents to not just VR and AR content, but to other linear forms to create commercials, films, and branded content.

Immersive Content Development

With 86 percent of marketers using content marketing as a component of their digital efforts, it’s no secret that quality content is crucial for reaching new customers and attracting leads. As the Web and other platforms progress, and paradigms like AR mature, we are striving to bring in newfound interactivity and digital experiences both online and to scalable devices, making it easier for ‘traditional’ content to continue standing out. At Atmasphere, we are convinced that immersive content is the future of storytelling and the greatest way to crate empathy with the audience. We bring in over three decades of linear and digital content development experience to reach out to new audiences, reinvigorate relationships with current technologies, and get messages across in ways that resonate immersively. We are prepared to ride the tide of rise in digital and social strategies being driven by compelling content creation, with experiential marketing activations at the core. The future of digital strategies lies in creating, sharing, and amplifying personalized, relevant, relatable and highly shareable immersive content.

Interactive Exhibits

Around the globe, major museums are flirting with change that is revolutionary. They are trying out interactive exhibits and new digital tools that some museum observers say could blur the line between education and entertainment. At Atmasphere, we bring knowledge to life by using interactive technologies with our unique ability of game design and human centered experiences, and cutting edge product design solutions for museums, visitor attractions, heritage sites, temples, and corporate spaces. We use Leap Motion’s hand tracking technology for motion-control for VR and additional platforms; Kinect cameras to track bodies and dynamically draw lines with our real-time engine for more engaging visitor experiences. We stick to a thorough understanding of interpretative strategy, storytelling, easy user experience design, highly interactive technology, and the all-important human centered design. Our foray into UX design and software development for design and production of digital tools for mobile, web and desktop applications is fast becoming a core competency.

Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping, or Spatial Augmented Reality, is a development in projection technology, in which an image can be specifically ‘placed’ or ‘mapped’ onto the features and contours of an object. Paired with careful pre-production, it is possible to achieve stunning results. Spatial Augmentation gives us the ability to give extra dimensions to our content, creating a very strong emotional connection with the audience. The optical illusion of light changing the physical form of an object in its entirety simply by changing the perception of its physical form makes, endowed by the artistic vision of its creators makes it a sight to behold. Our aim is to craft amazing projection experiences around the world with beautiful light, immersive design, and a strong story. Apart from our talented in-house team, we collaborate with professionals in the realms of engineering, design, art, IT, film production, motion graphics, compositing, and audio and video special effects to assemble the best viewer experience in spatial augmentation.