Kumbhamela 2016, Ujjain

Fulldome 360

The largest gathering in the world, the Kumbhamela festival in India is a sight to behold. A mammoth 12m negative pressure dome was fabricated and erected at ISKCON’s prominent Kumbhamela venue in Ujjain. Integrating cutting edge Screenberry technology of Front Pictures from Ukraine, 8 Full HD projectors were installed to output 4K resolution, aided by real-time warping and blending features and auto calibration and color correction geometry in place. A special fulldome film was produced in a short span of 22 days. This immersive experience became the talk of the entire Kumbhamela event with tens of thousands visiting the venue.

ISKCON Rohini, New Delhi

Immersive Exhibits

Atmasphere has been contracted to provide turnkey exhibits solutions for this multistoried building which will contain a restaurant, immersive exhibits on the first level, and a fulldome 360 experience on the temple level. An immersive multimedia art gallery using cutting edge projection mapping technologies, curved projection surfaces, and interactive exhibits have been planned with a storyline summarizing the Bhagavad-gita As It Is. Visitors will traverse through the material universe, explore reincarnation, and get a glimpse of the spiritual world before entering into a circularium and fulldome 360 experience. The project is scheduled to be completed by December 2017.

Vedic Expo, New Delhi

Immersive Exhibits

Nearly 20 years ago, the founder of Atmasphere was one of the core team members for creating the Vedic Expo which is still running to packed houses. Atmasphere will revamp this massive project with immersive exhibits, using cutting edge tools like holograms and projection mapping. The old animatronics exhibits will give way to a FullDome 360 experience. The adjacent static art gallery will be converted into a dynamic projection mapped multimedia gallery with stunning visuals and ambisonic audio.

ISKCON, Kanpur

Large Venue Exhibits

The second largest ISKCON temple in the world, plans have begun to build a state-of-the-art outdoor exhibits with a fulldome 360 cinema experience center, water fountain projection, and a stellar Son et lumière show. Indoor exhibits will have a unique immersive U-Max 360 degree cinema experience, along with interactive multimedia art gallery exhibits.

ISKCON Mayapur, West Bengal


From the ground up, construction for a 12m fulldome experience center has begun in Mayapur, West Bengal. A unique fiber reinforced plastic dome is being fabricated with a polyurethane foam blend. This 15 degree tilted dome will seat about 120 visitors. A custom built atmasphere server will run sophisticated software to slice the 4K domemaster file in real time during playback, assigned to multiple projectors, with automatic calibration, edge blending, and color correction. An immersive fulldome film, Navidwapa Mandala is currently being produced, highlighting the spiritual significance of Navadwipa Dham.

ISKCON Guwahati, Assam

Immersive Exhibits

Architectural plans are ready for a brand new temple in Guwahati, Assam, with a sensational design that’s both modern in outlook, and resplendent with Vedic tradition. An entire floor of the temple has been dedicated to provide an immersive visual experience for the visitors. An 8m 4K promotional 360 degree dome is being setup currently to highlight the new temple project.